Mui Ne travel experience

How to move to Mui Ne like? How to save money for a trip to Mui Ne? What to eat when traveling to Mui Ne? Beautiful places to visit in Mui Ne ... are questions that many people care about.

Mui Ne travel experience updated
What to bring to Mui Ne? Things to bring when traveling to Mui Ne
- ID card for Vietnamese tourists.
- Passport, visa (original copy) for foreigners or overseas Vietnamese.
- For young children when traveling by plane or train need to bring a birth certificate.
Personal items: Towels, toothpaste, brushes ...
Health: Flu medicine, motion sickness ...
Bring a pair of sports shoes for walking and slippers to prevent when it rains.
Clothing: The average temperature in Mui Ne ranges from 25 to 34 degrees Celsius, so you bring hard clothes with a long-sleeved shirt to avoid the sun and prevent the cold night weather.
Swimming suit: Swimwear, swimming goggles, sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat ...
Remember the number and phone number of the tour guide for easy communication when there is a need.

Time to travel to Mui Ne / The most beautiful season to travel to Mui Ne
For a pleasant and convenient trip to Mui Ne, choosing the most suitable time to travel to Mui Ne and Phan Thiet is very important. According to your own self-sufficient Mui Ne experience, you should choose the travel time from January to May, at this time the dry weather, clear blue sea, golden sunshine, is very suitable for vacation. , go to the beach. However, you should also avoid travel time in July and August, because the weather is very rainy right now. A lot of rain makes you unable to bathe, moreover the rain makes sand drift down into the sea, the rest of the alluvial soil changes the sea water to red (Create a unique natural scenery, suitable for taking photos rather than going go to the beach).

How to travel to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet / Mui Ne travel vehicles
How to get to Mui Ne tourist destination from Hanoi:


From Nuoc Ngam bus station - Hanoi you take Mai Linh Express bus to Mai Linh - Phan Thiet stop. Then continue to take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Mui Ne.
- Tickets range from VND 700,000 to VND 800,000 / person.
- Tel: 08 35117788.

Currently there is no flight from Hanoi to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, so you will have to buy a plane ticket to Ho Chi Minh City, then go to the Eastern bus station to catch a bus to Phan Thiet or buy a Saigon train. Train tickets to Phan Thiet.
How to travel Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh City


You go to Mien Dong bus station or De Tham Street, District 1 to catch a car to travel to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
- Price of tickets varies about 90,000 VND to 130,000 VND depending on each car and the quality of the car.
- Some quality car manufacturers should consult:
Mai Linh carmaker:
- Tel: 39 29 29 29 - 39 39 39 39.
- ĐC: From Eastern bus station to bus station in Phan Thiet, you have to catch a taxi to go to Mui Ne.
Kumho car company:
- Tel: 35 112 112.
- From Eastern bus station to TP.Phan Thiet bus station and you have to catch a motorbike taxi or taxi to Mui Ne resort.
Phuong Trang carmaker:
- Tel: 38375570.
- DC: 274 - 276 De Tham, District 1 to Mui Ne.
Car carrier: Sinh Café:
- Tel: 38376 833 -38369 420.
- ĐC: 246 - 248 Đề Thám, District 1 to Mui Ne.

You go to Saigon Station to buy train tickets to Phan Thiet, ticket price ranges from 110,000 VND to 160,000 VND depending on each shipping company.

Normal train: You go to Saigon station to buy train tickets to Phan Thiet, the lowest fare is about VND 110,000 depending on each car company.
High quality Golden Train: The lowest fare is about VND 160,000.
- Phone: 08.35261685 - 08.35262724.
Phone number Taxi in Phan Thiet:

Mai Linh Taxi: (0623) 739 888
Mui Ne Taxi: (0623) 84 88 48
Phan Thiet Taxi: (0623) .814 814
Stay in Mui Ne / Hostel, beautiful hotels, cheap hotels in Mui Ne
In Mui Ne resort, Phan Thiet has a lot of tent rental services to sleep, stay overnight so if you want to save costs for your Mui Ne trip, it is best to rent a tent, it will be very interesting. . However, before renting a tent you should ask about security first, safe where you plan to set up a tent to rest. You can refer to some of the tent rental addresses in Mui Ne:

KDL Thuy Trang: Phone number: 0623.849.196.
Hon Rom 2 Resort: Tel: 0623,848,828.
Hon Rom 1 KDL: SDT: 0623.848.539 or 0918.186.047.
Besides, if you do not like to rent a tent, there are many good quality hotels, hotels in Mui Ne for your choice. Some of the best hotels in Mui Ne you can refer to:

Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel: With the experience of Mui Ne travel cheap, economical, I recommend Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel. Because this place is located in a convenient location, 10km from the city center, is an ideal stopover for your vacation, relaxation. Besides, Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel is equipped with many online devices to meet the needs of customers. Some of the amenities available here include an outdoor swimming pool, massage, and garden to help bring you the most comfortable feeling.
- Address: 69 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
- Lowest room rate: $ 5.04.

Hai Yen Hotel: Located in Mui Ne area and is a famous hotel for visitors. Moreover, Hai Yen Hotel is close to many famous tourist attractions in Phan Thiet and many interesting places for you to discover such as: Jibe's Bar Diving Center, Ham Tien Market, Rang Church .
- Address: 132 - 233 C Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien Ward, Mui Ne.
- Lowest room rate: $ 16.91.
Muong Thanh Holiday Mui Ne Hotel: Is a famous hotel, received many customer reviews in all aspects such as: clean rooms, enthusiastic waiters, many convenient services ... Therefore, Muong Thanh hotel is the best choice for tourists visiting to discover Phan Thiet.
- Address: 54 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet ..
- Lowest room rate: $ 50.01.
Allezboo Beach Resort and Spa: Allezboo Beach Resort and Spa, separate from the bustle of the city, always gives customers a relaxed and comfortable feeling when coming here. Some convenient services of the hotel: Massage, bath, beauty room, hot tub, outdoor pool, golf ...
- Address: 8 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
- Lowest room rate: $ 62.70.
Sea Links Beach Resort & Golf: With spacious space, luxurious rooms, fully equipped Sea Links Beach Resort & Golf is considered one of the best, best quality hotels in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. In addition to vacation, you also experience many other interesting services such as Spa, massage, karaoke, sauna, sauna ...
- Address: Km 9, Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai Ward, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
- Lowest room rate: $ 91.64.

Places to visit, beautiful tourism, famous in Mui Ne
Beautiful tourist attractions in Mui Ne:

Bathe in Mui Ne: In order to make the Mui Ne trip complete, it is indispensable to bathe here. With beautiful and airy natural scenery, the beach is a tourist attraction for Mui Ne.
Hon Rom Stone: With charming scenery and big stone stones with strange and beautiful shapes, this place is also one of the attractions of many domestic and foreign tourists. Besides, this place is called Hon Rom because in the rainy season, the mountain is covered with the green color of natural plants. In the sunshine, yellow grass grew from the foot of the mountain to the top, looking from a distance like a giant straw mound.
What's good about Mui Ne tourism? Suoi Tien is a small stream located near Hon Rom, which is favored by the people for the name Suoi Tien because of its wonderful natural scenery. With beautiful sandy valleys, beside it is a natural stalactite hill with strange shapes, eye-catching red and white colors, creating a great sightseeing space for visitors.
Golden sand hill: Also known as "flying sand hill", this is a large sand hill, stretching from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan. When you come here, you will admire the wonderful colors of the iron mines mixed with the yellow of sand. A special feature here, sand hills are always changing colors, changing the shape of "all things" due to the erosion of the wind. Perhaps because of these wild beauty, this place is considered a symbol of Mui Ne tourism.

Mui Ne rock cliffs: With beautiful and majestic scenes of stone heads reaching the sea to catch waves, creating a unique natural scenery. Alternating between the stone beach longer than the kilometer is a small sandy beach, at the top is Ba Vang temple along with Mr. Thach Long's mausoleum at the end of the beach. This is also one of the beautiful, famous attractions in Mui Ne that you should not miss.
Tourist attractions around Mui Ne:

Bau Sen - Bau Sen: Two natural freshwater lakes in the middle of a vast white sand hill 18km from Hon Rom. When you set up Bau Trang, you will see the lotus lake in the middle of the white sand hill in summer. Bau Sen is also an immense lake with a deep blue water surrounded by beautiful white sand.
Cham Tower - Poshanu: Located on Ba Nai Hill, 7 km from Phan Thiet City, this place is one of the remains of the temple tower of the ancient Kingdom of Champa. Despite its small architecture, Thap Cham is able to refine the artistic quintessence of Cham people. Along with that is the majestic and mysterious beauty that has attracted many tourists to visit and has become an attractive tourist destination in Mui Ne in particular and Binh Thuan tourist area in general.
Tourism in Phan Thiet city:

Ho Chi Minh Museum: Founded on May 19, 1986, this is the place where Uncle Ho used to stay and teach in 1901 before going to Saigon to find a way to save the country, helping people escape the misstep. charcoal.

Van Tu Palace: One of the interesting destinations when traveling to Phan Thiet is to mention Van Tu Palace. This is a place to store dozens of ordinances of the Nguyen kings, including 10 titles of King Thieu Tri's life. The ordained over 150 years but still stored and preserved intact. Especially in the Palace, there is also a bronze bell cast from 1872.
- In addition, this is also the place to worship Whale Elephant of Phan Thiet coastal fishermen, in order to pray for peace, good luck ... and this is also the place of burial in the core of him. century.
Lau Ong Hoang: Places cannot be visited when visiting Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, because this is the place associated with the famous poet Han Mac Tu. In particular, Lau Ong Hoang is also the place to help Han Mac Tu get inspired to create many poems about the charming landscape to leave his name.
What to eat when traveling to Mui Ne? Delicious food, specialties in Mui Ne
In addition to the typical seafood dishes of the sea such as squid, seafood salad, hotpot ..., when you come here, you can enjoy countless delicious and attractive dishes in Mui Ne. One of the dishes and specialties in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet you should not miss to mention as:

What to eat in Mui Ne? Grilled thunder is a reptile that lives in sand hills, from this material one can process it into a lot of delicious dishes, among them grilled grilled is a delicious dish, most popular. Although this grilled roast dish you can enjoy in many large restaurants everywhere, but with unique processing, it creates new flavors, different from other regions. Certainly when you enjoy the food you will want to come back and enjoy it again.

Phan Thiet waffles: Referring to specialty cakes in Phan Thiet, it is impossible not to mention the rice cakes. With delicious taste, this cake has become a favorite dish of many people. To enjoy this cake you can buy at Phan Thiet market or specialty shops along Ca Ty river and in Mui Ne. Especially, please buy a little bit as a gift for relatives and friends is also very meaningful.
Noodles Quang: The dish is no stranger to many people, but it is a typical dish of Phan Thiet. Therefore, please enjoy this dish to compare the taste compared to other regional dishes Quang Quang offline. Address selling Quang Noodles best in Phan Thiet, please go to number 129 Tran Phu (selling morning and evening), or Quang restaurant Noodle near Phan Boi Chau school is also very good.
Flexible roll cake: Made from simple materials such as plastic rice paper, fish sauce, greasy egg, quail egg, but when packed together, it creates a very delicious and attractive flavor. This cake is usually sold along with baked bread rolls at the curb, sidewalks. You can enjoy this cake at:
- Intersection of Tran Hung Dao and Thu Khoa Huan (Near Hoa Nang cafe).
- Tam Bien junction, near Xua cafe.
Mui Ne tourism is interesting, isn't it? Hopefully, the most detailed and detailed article on Mui Ne travel experience [y] that I have shared above will help you know how to travel to Mui Ne? Take a break, eat and visit famous tourist spots in Mui Ne. In addition, you should also consult Binh Thuan tourism experience is also very useful.