Guide to Ho Tay water park: Schedule and fare

Ho Tay Water Park is one of the modern and "super hot" entertainment areas in Hanoi today. However, you are wondering what is interesting about the West Lake water park? How much is the ticket to Ho Tay water park? ... To help you answer these questions, please follow the article below to be guided to Ho Tay water park: Schedule and fare Please, details.

Guide to the West Lake water park
Brief introduction about Ho Tay water park
With a total area of ​​35,560m², located in Tay Ho district, Ho Tay water park is considered an interesting entertainment place in Hanoi attracting many visitors to visit with 2 amusement parks. It is the water park (Water amusement park) and New Sun park (Land play area). This place was officially put into operation on 19/5/2000, although it was just opened on the first day, Ho Tay water park has created a good impression for tourists because of interesting entertainment and entertainment areas. taste here and become a favorite destination for many people, especially on summer days.

At the water park, mainly serving underwater entertainment games such as swimming pools, slide pipes, swing cables, etc. The New Sun Park will serve tourists with terrestrial adventure games such as: Swing stay cables, flying saucers, swings, tsunamis ... create a thrilling and exciting feeling. Certainly when you come here, you will have extremely interesting and memorable experiences here.

Address: Ho Tay Water Park, 614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

What to prepare for going to the West Lake water park? Items to bring when going to Ho Tay water park
Clothes: Because we go to the water park one day, so you don't need to wear a lot of clothes, you just need to bring a swim suit so you can go there and take a shower. However, when you go swimming you need to keep in mind, do not wear pants, short shorts or cloths to swim down, because you will not be able to participate in adventure games there such as skateboarding. Where's the water, the slide? Also, if you have swimming goggles, you can also carry them, very handy.
- Or if you don't want to bring your swimwear, you can rent it at the water park. Fares for men and women swimwear: VND 30,000 (VND 60,000 deposit) and for children's swimwear: VND 20,000 (Deposit VND 60,000).
Food: In the West Lake water park there are many places selling food like vermicelli, pho, pizza ... and snack bars like sour spring rolls, sausages ... but they often sell at very high and higher prices in outside very much. So, according to experience, my self-sufficient Ho Tay water park advises you to bring fast food from home like bread, fruit and drink. Then send it to the locker and lunch box to enjoy, so it will save a lot of costs.
Camera or photographic phone: Please bring the photo capture device and a waterproof bag to be able to record images, memorable moments during the outing.
Is there a bus going to Ho Tay Water Park? Bus routes pass through Ho Tay water park
If you want to use the bus as a means to go to the water park, you can choose the 13 route bus route from Ho Tay water park - Nhue Co Nhue. Or you can catch some other buses going through Ho Tay water park like bus 33 (BX Yen Nghia - Xuan Dinh), bus 55 (Aeon Mall Long Bien - Cau Giay).

Note: If you go to a water park by bus, when you arrive at the bus stop, you need to ask the people around to see which direction is going to the park, otherwise you will be taken to the wrong direction and will be very lost. that time. And when you get on the bus, remember to tell the driver when you arrive at the West Lake water park, please get off the bus.

Fares for West Lake water park and New Sun park

Water park ticket price:

Open time:

Monday to Friday: From 8am - 20pm.
Particularly Saturday and Sunday: From 7:30 am - 20 pm.
Fare of Ho Tay water park:

Customers higher than 1.35m: Ordinary day 135,000VND; Saturday, Sunday, holidays: VND 160,000.
Customers under 1.35m high: 110,000VND regular day; Saturday, Sunday, holidays: VND 130,000.
Especially: After 17 hours, the ticket price will be reduced to only 90,000VND, for all customers.
Fare of New Sun Park:

Open time:

Monday to Friday: From 9am - 20pm.
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: From 8.30am to 20pm.
New Sun park ticket:

Customers high above 1.2m: 185k all day
Customers from 1m - 1.2m: 155k
Customers from o, 9m - 1,1m: 125k
Customers below 0.9m: Free.
What to play in the West Lake water park and the New Sun park?
Park water Ho Tay:

On hot and hot weather days, Ho Tay water park is an ideal destination. When you come here, you can not only immerse yourself in the wave-making pool and lazy river, but you can also participate in a lot of interesting recreational activities and unique underwater games here such as: Skiing, sliding , slide, slide, jump, swing the cable car ... and there are many interesting games waiting for you to discover.

New Sun Park:

Located close to the water park is the New Sun Park, this is a land play area that you can't miss when you go to the Ho Tay water park. There are many adventure games, helping you to freely explore such as Thang Long Steel Dragon, flying saucers, flying carpets, pirate boats, electric trains, octopus ferris ... Certainly the games at the Park Face This New Heaven will help you have memorable memories.

Above is the article sharing experiences to go to the Ho Tay water park fully and in detail. Hope with this useful information will help your weekend trip, be more fun and smooth.