Feeling about the scenery of Xuan Huong Lake Dalat at night

If we talked about Da Lat, we could not fail to mention Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat. This is considered a typical place associated with Da Lat's name for thousands of generations. Surely, visitors who visit this city must also set foot at least once to this place.

It is considered as the lifeline and face of the city. Visitors also jokingly say that if there is no Ho Xuan Huong. The city of Da Lat is sure that it will lack a romantic, romantic part of it. In fact, this place is like a fairytale place. It is the place to concentrate all the fantasy poetic beauty of the city.

Xuan Huong Lake Dalat is one of the hottest Da Lat tourist destinations in the year. This place is like the heart of the city of thousands of Dalat flowers. Which tourists come to Da Lat city but have never seen the spring lake before. We think you have never been to Dalat.

Ho Xuan Huong has a special feature that is located in the center of Dalat city. Located near the famous tourist destinations in this city of thousands of flowers. When coming here, visitors will feel the peace and romance that this lake brings to you. Xuan Huong lake Da Lat is the largest lake located in the center of Da Lat city.

How many kilometers of Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat
Xuan Huong Lake Dalat and Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat are dreamlike and are the two largest lakes in Da Lat. When visitors come to Da Lat city, the first lake you come across is Xuan Huong Lake Dalat. There are many people asking how many kilometers of Xuan Huong lake area in Dalat. So today we will tell you. Xuan Huong Lake is about 5 km wide and 25 ha wide. This tourist destination is located near the famous tourist destinations of the city of thousands of Dalat flowers.

Feeling about Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
Xuan Huong Lake is viewed by tourists as an indispensable tourist destination in their travels. Indeed, if visitors go in the spring, it is certain that visitors will be truly amazed at the beauty here. Perhaps it was in this place that adorned the scene where it exuded its inherent beauty.

When you walk around the lake. You will see firsthand the Mai Anh Dao trees blooming, brilliant pink. Be dotted on a clear blue sky. Incorporating it was the cold atmosphere of the foggy mountain town. All these things come together to create a poetic, charming and romantic setting. Give visitors a comfortable and peaceful place to stay in a bustling hut.

This is the season that attracts the most visitors. When going into this season, visitors will feel the joyful atmosphere of the city. Because at this time, the spring lake is always bustling and crowded with people. Most of the visitors come there to visit. They like the feeling of walking in the morning to see the beauty of Mai Anh Dao.

Xuan Xuan Lake Dalat is the most ideal place to check in
Along with the clear blue lake surface ripples in each beat. It was a song of chirping birds welcoming the new day. All these things come together to create a fanciful but poetic scene.

In addition, Xuan Huong Lake is also considered as an extremely romantic romantic destination. And no less ideal for couples who are in love. Surely everyone wants to hold the hand of his beloved to stroll under rows of bright cherry apricot trees. Let's talk about future good stories that both of us want to work together.

Article about Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
Ho Xuan Huong is an artificial lake located in the heart of Dalat city. It has a beautiful crescent moon. With an area of about 32 hectares, about 7 km. Surrounded by green pine trees and green grass hills open in the morning sun.

Ho Xuan Huong is considered as a first-class place where mother nature has favored the people here. Xuan Huong Lake has always been dotted with the most rustic and natural things. Like weeds or petals growing wildly along the road.

All these rustic things help the place to exude pure natural beauty. It is rarely available. If anyone asked me which Dalat was the best in the year. I am sure that any of the seasons in this year exudes a beautiful beauty far from gorgeous. Attracting thousands of tourists visiting here.

History of forming Ho Xuan Huong
There is a history that records that in the beginning, this place was created by Cam Ly waterfall flowing through. Create a stream. This is considered as a place to gather all the festival activities of the Lach people at that time. Following that in 1919, according to the initiative of Cunhac, the envoy. Labbé civil engineer has conducted the prevention of a stream to make a dam.

Follow the project from the location of Thuy Ta restaurant. Coming to the crossroads of roads like: Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Nguyen Thai Hoc and Bui Thi Xuan, Dinh Tien Hoang form a large lake. The French named this lake Grand Lac which means a big lake. Until 1953 a large lake was named Grand Lac. Renamed Ho Xuan Huong. On November 6, 1988 this place was recorded on a national scenic spot.

Origin named Ho Xuan Huong
There are many curious visitors who do not know this name Call Ho Xuan Huong from here. So today we will explain to you the name of this lake. There are two hypotheses that are:

Hypothesis 1:
This place is named after Xuan Huong Lake. Because in the 19th century, in this period Vietnam had a famous Nom poet named Hồ Xuân Hương. Perhaps because I want to praise the contributions and want to praise the romantic image forever. Of a pure Vietnamese girl who makes Nom poetry.

Hypothesis 2:
They said that when in the spring the plants growing along the lake smell good. Blending with the beauty of wildflowers dotted with the songs of the birds. All these things create a romantic poetic scene. This is considered the symbolic beauty of the city to attract people. So from there, this place has a name that is Ho Xuan Huong.

Where is Hồ Xuân Hương?
Xuan Huong lake is considered the lifeline of the dream city. Xuan Huong Lake is located right in the city center. This place is very easy for you to come to check in, you can say that Da Lat is Xuan Huong Lake.

Because it is located right in the center of the city close to Dalat Market and tourists when traveling to Dalat. If you want to visit places of interest in the city. Then visitors must oblige to pass through here.

Tourist sites near Ho Xuan Huong
The following will be some tourist spots in Da Lat city. Located close to the poetic Ho Xuan Huong that I have collected. Please refer to the below for more information. If you go to Ho Xuan Huong, you should stop by these locations for convenient transportation.

  Dalat city flower garden:
This place concentrates many beautiful flower varieties from countries in the world. This place is located at the end of Ho Xuan Huong shore. This is one of the places that also attracts many tourists when visiting the city.

Da Lat Market
Coming to this place, you can enjoy eating and buying specialties as gifts. It is especially suitable for any sweater lovers.

Restaurant - Cafe Thuy Ta
This place was built by the French called "La Grenouillère". Later changed the name to ‘Thuy Ta’. With the wide corridor design on the lake surface is very interesting and impressive. Especially this restaurant is the focus of tourists when coming here to sip the delicious cup of coffee.

Together, they will experience the dreamy cityscape at night, mysterious and mysterious. In this place, visitors will see tiny droplets of dew. Covered around the City like thin, pure white robes.

Bich Cau Da Lat Coffee Restaurant
This place is a coffee shop with a cool space and very beautiful view. This place is very suitable for those who like to live virtual. It is located opposite the City Flower Garden.

Thanh Thuy Cafe Restaurant
This is a very suitable place for those who like quiet space. The house is located in the middle of poetic and imposing Xuan Huong Lake. Guests can easily see this cafe right away.

Lam Vien Da Lat Square
Located opposite Xuan Huong Lake Dalat. This is a place that attracts many young people when coming to the city. This is also considered as one of the most unique and impressive architectural works in the foggy mountain street.

Yersin Park
This place is located next to the square. Here you spoiled for eating your favorite snacks. If you come to Dalat, don't miss this ideal location.

Hard hill golf course
This location is located next to the City Flower Garden. It is very suitable for nature lovers and golfers. This is a golf course located right in the heart of Dalat city.

Experience of conquering the peak of the mighty langbiang might need you to see it right away

What does Ho Xuan Huong Da Lat have?
Coming to Ho Xuan Huong, visitors can not only see the mysterious landscape. But here visitors also experience other interesting services.

There are typical rental services such as: bicycle. riding a horse cart. So the tourists who come here can hire these transportation methods. To make it easy for you to admire the beautiful and convenient scenes to take beautiful pictures. It is also equipped with many stone chairs. Couples can sit on the benches confidently. See the romantic landscape telling the future stories that you want to look forward to later.

The most interesting and impressive service is probably duck riding around the lake. When you ride the duck, you can watch each other as the blue lake ripples and ripples with excitement. Look at the fish swimming around the water. When you experience this service will give you a feeling like you are standing at the key. Attract some place where all eyes are watching me.

Xuan Huong Lake Dalat at night
Most tourists in Dalat say that. At Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat at night can feel all the charming beauty of this place. If in the daytime Ho Xuan Huong brings a cool windy beauty with a green space. Then Xuan Huong Lake at night brings a romantic romantic beauty.

One day it was divided into two seasons. If in the daytime Ho Xuan Huong brings a pure beauty with cool windy space and a blue sky. On the contrary, at night, Ho has a romantic and romantic lyrical beauty.

Indeed, at night, Hồ Xuân Hương was like a girl being replaced by a new shirt. At this time, the lake surface was dressed as a shimmering new shirt with many attractive colors. A particularly hungry point for this city is the chilly atmosphere, adorned with colorful street lights. It was the crowded people with the joyful laughter of families walking around the lake.

Landscape of Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat
This is also considered as a special and daring point for visitors to visit Dalat. There will be some types of services here. Very suitable for those who love dreaming or enjoy some new experience.

Typically bike rental service. Maybe when you come here you will rent a bicycle to accompany the person you love to walk around the lake. This is also very interesting. Or some people like to sit in rows of stone under the colorful cherry blossom tree canopy. In addition, at night, visitors can enjoy the dishes bearing the characteristics of Da Lat like. Baked sweet potatoes, grilled corn, baked rice paper, soy milk.

Interesting things at Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
When visiting tourism at Xuan Huong Lake, in other words, in Dalat. Then visitors will experience the following special services.

Ride duck on Xuan Huong Lake
If you are a lover of experience, want to explore new things or things. Surely this is a very appropriate service. Let you try it once in your travel journey.

If you want to hire this service. Then you go to the boat landing area between Dinh Tien Hoang and Tran Quoc Toan streets. To rent a duck bike for about 30,000 VND / h. As you can travel sightseeing on this shimmering lake.

Snacking, watching Xuan Huong Lake at night
At night, Dalat's weather will decrease. And the atmosphere will be cold now. If you are a visitor to visit, then surely you will not be familiar with the post-here. At this time with that weather you will feel cold and want something to stuff into your hungry stomach.

At that time, you just need to set foot on the road, you will see immediately the food vendors sitting on both sides of the street selling their dishes. For example: baked rice paper, baked corn, baked potatoes or soy milk cups on pink fire stoves. That image is so beautiful.

Take a photo of sunrise right at Xuan Huong Da Lat lake
At dawn Ho Xuan Huong could say it exuded a dreamy beauty. At this time, the lake surface was covered with white, fine mist. Combined with the image, it was the rays of sun that began to reveal on the lake.

This is considered a good time for couples to hold hands together to walk. Chat about happy months later. And please tell me one more thing. This is an extremely suitable time for those who love virtual life.

Ride a horse around Xuan Huong Lake and see Dalat City
This is an exciting experience hungry for those who love adventure. You just need to rent a carriage that can travel from the marina to the City Flower Garden. As you can see all the picturesque and romantic scenes of the city. Without giving up any strength.

Sipping coffee with the person watching Xuan Huong Lake
Around the lake, there are quite eye-catching cafes such as Thuy Ta, Bich Cau and Thanh Thuy. These are coffee shops with extremely romantic views. Maybe from that position you will see the whole landscape of the city at night. What better thing is to just sip a delicious coffee while chatting with him. But you can also admire the charming poetic scenery of this dreamy city.

Ride a double bike or walk around Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
Surrounding the lakeside is covered by vast green pine trees. Combined with that scene is a cool fresh air. The scene is very suitable for you to walk or cycle, right?

Camping - Picnic with friends
If you notice, there are empty fields around the lake. You can join your friends to open a small party right in the empty grasslands. Note that when the party is over, please clean up before leaving.

Watching fireworks at Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
Ho Xuan Huong, because it is located in the center of the city, this is a gathering place for special festivals. Like fireworks festivals and most especially, the Dalat Flower Festival is usually held every two years.

If you go on this festival, you will be spoiled for watching flowers from all parts of the country. See firsthand the very special and brilliant firework displays.

Sing with a group of singers at Xuan Huong Lake
Currently on the shore of Ho Xuan Huong there are often many groups organizing street shifts. In order to create an exchange space with everyone. And at the same time create laughter for tourists. If you like singing and are interested in this subject. Then you can register to sing to interact with people.

Address Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
Ho Xuan Huong Dalat is located in the heart of Dalat city. Located near Dalat market and other ideal tourist destinations. Ho Xuan Huong is located in ward 1 of Da Lat city.

Map of google maps Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
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Review Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
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Pictures of Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat
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Tour Xuan Huong Lake Dalat
If tourists come to Da Lat but do not have a hotel, or want to travel to Dalat on tour. Please call immediately to Dalat Travel Travel Company for the most detailed advice. A leading reputable travel company in Dalat. Specialize in book cheap hotel rooms, organize 1 day and long day tours.