Experience of Tam Dao tourism

The weather in Tam Dao is airy all year round, comparable to that of Sa Pa and Da Lat, with a very poetic and majestic natural scenery. Fanciful houses in smog and clouds together with fresh air, Tam Dao really becomes an ideal vacation destination.

Tam Dao town belongs to Tam Dao district located on Tam Dao mountain range with the height of over 900m above sea level. About 80 km from Hanoi capital, covering 50 km along Highway 2 and about 24 km along Highway 2B including 13 km of pass road. Tam Dao resort has majestic mountain scenery, cool climate all year round is dubbed "Da Lat of the North".

How to go to Tam Dao? How to go to Tam Dao
Tam Dao is about 85km away from the center of Hanoi city (travel time is about 2 hours), so moving to Tam Dao is very convenient, you can go by car, bus or motorbike, taxi ...

+ Following Tam Dao by motorbike or car, you follow these instructions:

From Hanoi you move to Thang Long bridge in the direction of North Thang Long Noi Bai (the road to Noi Bai airport) -> go about 25km to the intersection between highway 2 -> AH 14 road and North Thang Long Noi road Post -> from there turn left to Highway 2 about 500m -> turn next to Hanoi - Lao Cai highway about 25 km, to the roundabout turn of Tam Duong commune, Vinh Phu, you will have to follow the direction Highway 2B goes for another 20km, which is the center of Tam Dao tourist center.

*** Note, moving by personal means in the section from the foot of the mountain to the top is about 13km, the road is very small, there are many crab sections with Z-shaped folds, big slopes so you need to pay attention and should not go by car station.

+ For many of you like to travel by bus, it is safe and cost-effective (mostly students). You ride 58 (Long Bien - Me Linh route) at Long Bien feeder, then from Me Linh plaza then take bus 01 to Vinh Phuc town, then take bus 07 Vinh Yen - Tam Dao.

Tam Dao Travel from Hanoi is the fastest and most convenient, hungry for those who do not have a personal vehicle that is NEWWAY bus, with 2 starting points are 32 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hai Ba Trung or 122 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay . The car departs at 6:30 am in the morning and afternoon at 3-4:00. Book tickets at phone number 043.565.4898, 043.976.3999, 043.565.1997, ticket price is about VND 180,000. (Vehicles pay and pick up passengers right at Tam Dao so it is very convenient)

+ Experience of Tam Dao tourist self-sufficiency, you can go to Hanoi bus to Vinh Yen at My Dinh bus station, go to Vinh Yen, you come down at the error of turning to Tam Dao, then take a taxi or motorbike taxi to Tam Dao . In addition, you can take a train from Hanoi - Lao Cai to the train station in Vinh Yen, then take bus 07 to Tam Dao - Tay Thien turn to take a taxi or motorbike taxi to the top of Tam Dao.

+ Travel by train: In Hanoi, you can take a trip to Hanoi - Lao Cai at Hanoi Station or Gia Lam Station, to Vinh Yen Station, the fare for Hanoi - Vinh Yen Station is about VND 35,000, then You also take a motorcycle taxi or taxi to Tam Dao.

The way to Tam Dao, for those in Central and South who want to move to Tam Dao, can go by bus, train or plane to Hanoi, then move to Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc according to the above schedule. .

In order to help you conveniently travel when renting a taxi in Vinh Yen, please provide some contact addresses for taxi companies in Vinh Phuc:

Mai Linh Vinh Phuc - 0211.2.262626
Thien Duc - 0211.3.565656
Vinh Yen - 0211.3.656565
Huy Hoang - 0211.3.868686
Thinh Hung - 0211.6.292929
Dong Tam -0211.3.696969
Transportation in Tam Dao is mainly taxi, motorbike taxi, car rental at the hotel or on foot, before you go, you should negotiate the price and go.

Where in Tam Dao? Lodging, hotels in Tam Dao
Where when traveling to Tam Dao? Hotels and motels in Tam Dao are quite rich, the price is quite soft, suitable for visitors' pocket. Tam Dao 2019 tourist experience of some of you, the average room rate in Tam Dao is about 300,000 to 50,000 VND / room / day, for luxury hotels, Star hotels cost from 00,000 VND to 3000,000 VND / room / day.

Please note that during the tourist season, the room price as well as the catering service is quite high, so before you go, you should take the initiative to rent the room first to avoid the situation of being out of room or being forced to high prices. You can refer to: How to book on Agoda conveniently and save money.

You can refer to some of Tam Dao's best quality hotels and motels below, with specific prices for your needs:

Tam Dao Star Hotel - Located in the heart of Tam Dao Town, the location is very convenient with the price range: $ 25 / day and night, the hotel has about 50 rooms with basic standards: Wifi, restaurant, cafe . This is a good hotel with this price in Tam Dao. According to the majority of visitors, the quality of service, room furniture and bathrooms are quite good, not really excellent. However, this is still the most stable hotel in the same affordable segment in Tam Dao.
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort - In Vinh Yen, 14km from Tam Dao, this is a wonderful resort and also the hotel that received the highest feedback from visitors. However, its price is quite high, up to $ 190 - $ 400 / day. In return, you will enjoy whatever you like from golf to swimming pool, tennis court, swimming boat, spa, karaoke, laundry shuttle etc. with extremely friendly staff, extremely beautiful and spectacular furniture. . If you don't fret about the price, this is the hotel / resort you definitely have to choose and will be satisfied.
Ciao Bella Hotel Tam Dao is located in Tam Dao Town with the price is also relatively high, from $ 75 - $ 100 / day. This hotel has a number of amenities: hot tubs, karaoke, a cool garden. However, if you try hard, you should try Flamingo Dai Lai above, extremely majestic to make sure you don't regret it.

If you do not have a lot of expenses or go on a trip, you can camp in Tam Dao (bring a camping or rental kit, along with barbecue) or choose the cheap motels in Tam Dao below:

Minh Nguyet Lodge: Address of the first area, Tam Dao town. Contact 0211.824.163 Mobile: 0904.138.333 - 0988.120.192. Note that if you go all the way to the slope, someone will come and pick you up.
The house of Mr. Thai, the principal of Tam Dao secondary school, is very enthusiastic to cook. Contact: 0987280863.
Anh Duong guest house on the hillside Tel: 02113824225. Or Tu Phuong guest house on the highest has a view of the whole town. Large room, with dormitory room. To rent a room, you can contact us at Tel: 098.933.9458.
Places of interest in Tam Dao / Where to play Tam Dao?
What is Tam Dao beautiful? The reason is called Tam Dao because it is formed from three high mountains Thien Thi, Thach Ban and Phu Nghia rising above the clouds, when standing in the middle of the sky will see three islands rise up. Tam Dao is famous for its scenic spots such as Thac Bac, Xa Huong Lake, Doi Tuyet Bridge, Thang May, and Rung Ri Peak ...

What to play in Tam Dao? Here are the beautiful places in Tam Dao, you can refer to:

+ Tam Dao ancient church was built according to French architecture, becoming an attractive tourist destination. Standing on the old church you can see the whole natural landscape of Tam Dao. Here, you can take souvenir photos with your friends and relatives. In particular, the ancient church of Tam Dao is also the location chosen by many couples to take wedding photos.

+ Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple located at the foot of Thien Thi mountain to climb the temple must go through 200 stone steps, bamboo forest. Here, you can admire the famous Golden Temple here.

+ Silver Falls is a small stream of about 50m, rushing into the forest with the sound of leaves, the sound of leaves against the cliffs, Silver Falls sucking down the deep valley with the silver-white water and glistening the sun. To go to this place from the town center, you turn right along the path, sucking down deep valley, Silver waterfall hidden in the mountain.

+ Tam Dao tourist self-sufficient you can not ignore a fascinating location that is 93m high TV Tower located on the top of Thien Nhi. On the way you will admire a lot of beautiful flowers such as orchids, daisies and many other wild flowers blooming. Especially when you reach the top, you will be able to see the four sides of the sky, the vast sky, wind and clouds.

+ Peak Rieng with many beautiful trees and hills as in the picture, here you not only admire a lot of orchids and hear the chirping of birds and butterflies.

+ A place not to be missed when coming to Tam Dao is the Heaven Gate, going straight from Tam Dao town to the French church, turning left to be the Heaven's Gate. Standing on the Heavenly Gate you can see the whole town of Tam Dao blur, fanciful in the smog and feel the peaceful atmosphere here.

+ Walking on Tam Dao night market: You will enjoy the photo frame of fog and clouds, and enjoy the rustic restaurants at the market, so please pay attention to the price. Can eat roasted eggs 5k / fruit, rice with salt and sesame 10k / tube, baked potato 5k / tuber, grounded chicken 250k / fish ...

In addition to the places on you when traveling in groups, you can organize camps in the wide and very clean grass fields in Tam Dao. Especially Tam Dao has tennis courts, golf courses, football fields and swimming pools.

=> Experience Tam Dao dust tourism, you notice in the evening from 18h there is fog covering the whole town, suitable for walking but you should note wearing warm and wearing hats. If you want to be warm, you can enjoy a cafe at some corner or camp fire.

As a tourist destination near Hanoi, most of you go to Tam Dao 1 day or Tam Dao phượt 2 weekends.

What to eat in Tam Dao / Tam Dao delicious food
+ Referring to Tam Dao specialty, indispensable for su su, a rustic dish, but becoming a special product here. Stir-fried chayote vegetables are a famous and very delicious dish, besides boiled chayote with sesame salt is a familiar dish in many big and small parties.

+ Chicken Tam Dao hill is a famous dish that attracts many visitors, processed into many different dishes such as chicken roasted with salt, chicken hill stewed, fried chicken with onion, especially grilled chicken hill Extremely delicious and greasy.

+ What to eat when traveling to Tam Dao? Enjoy boiled pork into dishes such as grilled, steamed, cooked plum wine, soup…. If you go many people can buy a pig pig and organize a small party on the campfire which will be very interesting in your trip.

+ Burned beef ants made from fresh veal are still hot and for ants to burn, it is easy to digest, but also a valuable medicine to treat rheumatism and neuropathy because the ants of the ants are a taste precious medicine.

Eating experience in Tam Dao, in general, the food here is quite expensive so before you go you should bring food and drink. Food in Tam Dao is not much, mainly chicken hill, su su (fried, boiled), grounded chicken, fried eggs ... Some hotels, motels have cooked but quite expensive. If you want to save, go to the market directly to eat, you will be more comfortable bargaining.

Buy gifts when traveling to Tam Dao, you can buy chayote at a price of 15-20k / kg, grilled hilly chicken costs 250k / head, pig ...

Notes when traveling to Tam Dao
If you travel by Newway bus to Tam Dao, you get off at the market near the center. When you get off the bus, there is a motorbike, but you can walk to the hotel.
Bring shoes or slippers to facilitate climbing.
Tam Dao is famous for being suo as a gift, you should go to the market to buy, and remember that the more you go to the market, the more expensive it will be.
Before eating, you should ask the price first, because the price here is very expensive. Also, you should bring medicine, because the pharmacy and grocery store are very few.