Detail the new 2-wing Lavender Dalat flower field with super beautiful view

Dalat Lavender Flower Field is one of the tourist destinations that tourists cannot ignore when coming to Dalat. In recent times this flower is known by many tourists. Also the flower is loved by many tourists. When they came to Da Lat, they never forgot to take pictures for themselves with this noble flower.

The lavish Lavender Da Lat flower is an extremely beautiful beauty. How to attract the hearts of visitors when they have the opportunity to see it. A bit of a dreamy dream made me flutter. Every season the lavender blooms are the season in which Dalat City is more bustling. Because in these months, tourists can go to Dalat to watch this flower very crowded. This flower has clung to countless hearts of travelers when you come here.

Currently in the flower city we have appeared to 2 fields of large lavender flowers. Visitors can freely choose for themselves a flower field like the best. It is also considered as a virtual living place for tourists.

If the tourists have souls love flowers or bonsai. Or the guests who regularly travel to Dalat. It is true that this flower is no stranger to your card. This flower is classified by Da Lat people as one of the noble flowers. Like beautiful flowers, many tourists love it.

To clarify this flower, please follow our footsteps to learn more. We will answer all your questions in this article.

Introduction about Dalat Lavender flowers
Lavender flower is a flower that is grown according to shrub flowers. There was a strong aroma and it was very pleasant, quite popular among people. According to the local people, this flower has been around for a long time. The origin of this flower originated in ancient Greece. Origin of this lavender flower from the Mediterranean region. In addition to display and beauty effects.

This flower is also a precious herb in the past, cure quite a lot of diseases. So at that time this flower was bought by many companies and different countries. For the purpose of displaying and preparing high quality perfume products ...

When the ancient Romans used to bring this flower with them. When they reached a certain land. They will grow this flower to make lavender essential oils. This essential oil has an antiseptic effect on wounds caused by war.

Also this flower has an extremely pleasant scent. It works to repel insects that are harmful to humans. Lavender flower is a flower with small thin layer of flowers. They have their own unique purple color.

The fields of Lavender flower or Lavender flower field are all one
Lavender flowers also have another name as Lavender flowers. So these two flowers are all one. Visitors to Da Lat do not mistake these two flowers as two different flowers. The former name of this flower is Lavender flower. But later this flower has another name, Lavender flower, everyone.

Da Lat lavender legend
In the old days, the people here said. In a distant land there is a fragrant lavender garden. In this garden there are 2 children who play and play here. These two children live here every day, looking at lavender flowers racing at the same time. The two children frolicked and released their souls into the sky to enjoy the cool fresh air that this place brought.

Also at this Dalat Dalat flower field. Which love of 2 children has been flashing. These two children have sworn to the beach and made an appointment to grow up together for life without leaving.

Lavender specialties
After the vow, 2 people together made a promise to exchange each other. They took the lavender flowers and put them in glass jars and gave each other a demonstration of love.

After a long period of time, the love of two children will grow with time. But not as smoothly as we often think. On one day the other boy fell ill and seemed to be unable to escape. There is no way to cure in the country. The family of the boy decided to take him abroad for treatment.

After a while the boy also recovered. But it is not good that he does not remember any memories of 15 years ago. Then he decided to go back to the place to find the memory for himself.

Who expected the girl when she used to go to the beach and wait at the lavender garden to wait for him. Expect someday he will come back to find her. One afternoon while strolling around the lavender garden. He accidentally met his love after 15 years away from his wing.

Love story after 15 years
After 2 charming people meet again. The boy told the girl about his trip to find his memories. He also gave the girl the glass jar of lavender he kept for a long time.

Just when the boy gave the girl a glass bottle of lavender. That girl knew this was a 15 year old boy I had been able to meet with the sea when I was old. Every day after the girl persevered, she went to take the boy to places when the old people swore to sea. To help the boy find his memories.

After a while the boy regained his memories. The deeper their love is, the more they write happy and romantic stories. Everyone thinks they will be happy forever together. Who doubts the fate of two people pushed. No girl has a strange disease, can't be cured.

Before losing, the girl gave her a glass bottle of lavender. Message to the boy when he saw this bottle as he saw the girl. After the girl died, the boy decided to stay here to grow and develop this lavender field.

Characteristics of lavender
Lavender or Lavender flowers are shrubs with a strong aroma. The flower has symmetrical leaves, especially without a roll and has a fine, fluffy coat. Long lavender flowers have different angles.

The color of lavender is purple lilac. Color characterizes fidelity in my love. The tubes of Lavender flower petals are arranged constantly around the beautiful flowers.

Meaning of lavender (lavender flower)
The Da Lat lavender flower also has another name, herb of love. It means herbal of male and female love. This flower is a flower that symbolizes a lipstick love. No matter how much life and wind this love goes through. Then the couple stays together forever.

Just like a girl in a 15-year love story waiting for her boy. She still keeps a faithful love with her lover. This flower represents fidelity in love.

What month does the lavender Dalat flower bloom in the month?
A lot of lavender or lavender flowers in Da Lat bloom in the month is a question many tourists are interested in. Therefore today we will reveal to visitors about the lavender season of Dalat. The lavender season of Dalat often starts to bloom in June and July. Depending on the weather and climate, time will not be accurate. Dalat lavender usually blooms from 3 to 4 weeks.

Visiting Lavender Dalat flower garden
When you come to visit this Lavender Flower Garden. You will see beautiful natural scenery. Look at the tiny, lovely flowers. Give visitors the most comfortable feeling, reduce stress at work. Otherwise when visitors come here to visit. You also enjoy the best moments and scenes here.

This lavender flower is not only beautiful and fragrant. They also give visitors a sense of anxiety. Make us unable to leave this place.

When you arrive here, visitors will see firsthand the care of this flower. You will see that the farmers here take care of these flowers as their spiritual children. They spend all their love deposited by flowers.

What does Lavender flower field have?
When visitors come here you will admire the beauty of this noble flower. A beautiful flower has a mild scent. It is also a symbol of lasting love. If candle visitors to Da Lat overlook this place, it can be said that this is a huge disadvantage for you.

When you come here you will enjoy the emotional framework that this place gives you. Here visitors like lost in another country. A poetic scene like in many fairy tales I often imagine is real. Remember that Dalat is not allowed to skip this place.

Experience and notice when going to Lavender Dalat flower garden
When visiting the Lavender Dalat flower garden. Guests need to equip themselves with the following notes and experiences. To help your travel more easily.

When visiting Lavender flower garden tourism should keep general hygiene. Do not be rubbish without losing the beauty of the flower field.
Especially, visitors must not break flowers and step on flowers. When visiting, go to the flower bed.
Please do not run and play around to influence people around. Avoid damaging or breaking flowers.
If any visitor needs to buy lavender flowers to plant. Guests can contact directly with the garden to be purchased. As well as being taught by the garden owner how to take care of this flower.

Where is the lavender field?
Question where lavender garden (lavender Dalat flower) is a question many tourists ask us. But depending on the location where visitors see lavender. Because Da Lat now has 2 large lavender gardens for visitors. So today we will review details for visitors to know about each lavender garden.

Address lavender field of lilies
At present, Da Lat City has had 2 Dalat lavender flower gardens. In other words, there are 2 Dalat lavender resorts. Guests can freely choose for yourself a lavender flower garden according to your wishes.

Lavender Dalat Flower fields in Tuyen Lam Lake
At the end of May last, the lavender flower branch in this forest area bloomed very beautiful. This tourist destination is visited by many visitors. Beautiful painting here is like a beautiful, charming water painting. Give visitors a feeling of uneasy agitation when they come to this dreamy city.

Look up the charge on the hill is a field of flowers in purple lavender a beautiful area. Underneath is the lake of tuyen lam in the strange and mysterious green. Surrounded by a vast vast green pine forest. Combined with a fresh and cool atmosphere.

I affirm that if anyone has come here once, it will be forever impossible to forget. A beautiful beauty of the place has brought visitors. It's like a fairy-tale place where no place can match. This can be said to be the ideal tourist destination that you cannot ignore when coming to Dalat.

Path of flower field Lavender Tuyen Lam lake
Here we will guide the way to lavender fields in Tuyen Lam lake for visitors to know. This lavender field is located in the dreamlike lake of Lam Lam. According to us, the way to this flower garden is not difficult. But for some travelers who first set foot on Dalat, it was quite hard.

The way to this flower field is completely plastic, so please keep it safe. Tourists just follow the map to Da Lat lake lake tourist area. This flower field is in here. Note when entering the Lavender Garden gate. Motorcyclists come in and out and cars on 16 seats cannot enter.

Below is the google maps map showing the way from the market to the flower field. Visitors can refer to the map images we provide below. To quickly find the way to the flower field.

Guide to the lavender flower field at Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat
If tourists depart from Dalat market. Take a walk down Prenn Pass. Then go to the direction of going down to Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat. Arriving at the lake Lam Lam is considered as a flower field already in front of your eyes.

Other tourist destinations are close to the lavender lake lavender field
If visitors visit the flower field Lavender. Visitors can visit more tourist destinations. The tourist destinations we list below. These are all nearby tourist destinations. Visitors can choose to go further so that they do not have to spend too much time traveling. But you and your family can take part in many famous tourist sites in Dalat.

Dalat cable car
Dalat Dantanla Waterfall
Truc Lam
Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat
Dinh III Bao Dai
Sculpture Tunnel in Da Lat
Strawberry Garden
Cau Dat lavender flower field
This Lavender flower field is one of the lavender flower gardens that demands the most beautiful land in Dalat. It is no different from the famous French lavender flower fields. This flower field is located in a famous tourist destination in the city of thousands of flowers. That is the hill tea and tourist area.

This tourist attraction attracts many tourists to visit and take pictures. Because it doesn't take too much time to move. But when you go 1 again 2. That's when visiting tea hill visitors can visit the lavender flower garden. Convenient to both sides, right?

The scene here cannot be judged. It is like a green steppe. But everyone wants me to be here forever. An incredible peaceful place. A vast green space of tea. The bottom is the gentle purple water of Dalat lavender flowers. Truly heaven isn't it, guys.

Road to the field of flowers Lavender Cau Dat
Cau Dat tea hill is no longer strange to tourists. But today we have to guide the way. Let some visitors still do not know the way to go here. The way to the tea plantation, this lavender garden is not difficult. The whole road to the tea hill is completely asphalt road.

This famous tourist destination is located about 15 km from Dalat city center. Which tourists are confused about the way to the Cau Cau Dat hill? Guests can view details of the road to the tea hill right here.

When coming to the hill of tea, I pray for land. Visitors only need to go about 1 km more you will reach the Lavender flower field that you are looking for. Just go along the concrete road, everyone.

Below is a map of google maps about lavender fields for earth. Visitors can refer to the map we provide below.

Take Lavender flower fields to bridge the land combining with other interesting places to visit
After visiting the field of Lavender Cau Dat flower field. Visitors can choose to add the following locations. To not take too much time to move. But you can still visit many famous tourist destinations in Dalat.

Vu Thi Village Cafe
Linh Phuoc Pagoda Dalat
Da Lat Cau Dat Tea Hill
Dalat Cau Giay Flower Field
Ancient Dalat Railway Station

Lavender Dalat Flower Garden Tour
If you like and want to book Lavender flower garden tour. Guests can book a one-day Da Lat tour organized by Dalat Travel Flower Company. The fare for this lavender tour is VND 350,000 / person. If visitors go in large numbers over 5 people will have a more preferential price. When you go on a tour of the lavender flower field, you can visit this famous flower field. Tourists can visit famous places as follows:

Dalat Lavender Flower Garden
Da Lat bridge hydrangea field
Next is the Strawberry Garden, giant pumpkin garden and clean vegetable garden.
Ma Rung Lu Quan Da Lat tourist area
Clay Tunnel
Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Temple of bottles).

Some notes when going to Lavender Flower Garden tour
If traveling in the peak season travelers should book a tour in advance. To avoid the tour, because the peak season visitors often choose to go on this tour. Next thing you need to book a hotel as you like. To help visitors have a perfect trip. Tourists can call us right away to Dalat Travel Flower Company for the most detailed advice.

Our company specializes in free hotel room books with the best prices for travelers. Organizing Da Lat tours 1 day and long day. Support airport shuttle, motorbike and car rental. To contact us, please contact Hotline 02633 981 968 for advice.

Finally, your company would like to wish visitors a very happy and meaningful trip. Hope you have good memories with this city of flowers.