Da Nang travel experience

Da Nang is the most attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Being invested in tourism development, Da Nang is reaching out to become a spearhead economic development of the central region

Latest Da Nang travel experience
Before traveling to Da Nang, you need to prepare yourself a reasonable play schedule to be able to explore all the places with famous sights here. If anyone has gone to Da Nang then you can share dulichfun Da Nang travel experience with other friends!

The best time to travel to Da Nang
If you go to Danang to watch and play without bathing, you can come here any season of the year. If you come here to travel with the beach, you should go around February to August of the year. In these months, Danang has little rain with fine white sand under the golden sun not too harsh, very suitable for swimming and playing water sports.

How to travel to Da Nang?
Choosing the means to travel to Da Nang depends on the preferences of each person, we give you a few suggestions so you can choose the most suitable means for you as follows:

Aircraft: you are far from Da Nang and do not want to spend time moving to this city, the plane is the means of transportation you should choose. You can buy a plane ticket to Danang right at the ticket counter at airports or agents that offer airline tickets near your home. There are several online ticketing websites for you to choose from such as atadi.vn, bookingticket.vn or genuine airline ticketing websites of Vietnam Airline, Jetstar, VietjetAir. Tips to help you save on flight tickets are to buy tickets before going at least 1 month or more.
Passenger car: to catch a bus to Danang, you should go to the largest bus station parking in the province or city where you are living. Traveling by bus will certainly take longer than flying, but you can enjoy sightseeing on the way to Danang. If you go from Hanoi to Da Nang, it will take you about 14 hours. If you are in Hanoi, catch the bus to Da Nang at Nuoc Ngam bus station, Giap Bat bus station, and if you are in Ho Chi Minh City, you will go to the East bus station.
Train: Train is also a means for you to choose when going to Da Nang, the ticket price ranges from 300,000 - 1,200,000 depending on the type of seat and your starting place. If traveling from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang, it will take 15-24h to get to your home.
Motorbike: if you are a person who likes to go phượt, this is the means for you. Check the tires and prepare yourself with the necessary equipment to repair the car if you encounter a problem on the road.
Good quality hotels, motels in Danang
Once you have decided on a vehicle to go to Da Nang, the next thing you need to care about is the place to sleep. According to Da Nang travel experience many times by a genuine traveler, you should choose one of the following hotels to save costs and still be satisfied with the service.

 1. Lan Nhi Hotel Danang

Address: 66 Ha Bong, Phuoc My, Da Nang
Price: 230kdnight for 2 person room and 350k / night for 4 person room.
This is considered a beautiful hotel, near the sea in Da Nang with a reasonable price and enthusiastic service quality of staff. If you are here, you only need to walk 300m to My Khe beach, the hotel is convenient for you to travel into the city center or go to Ba Na, Hoi An.

=> Learn more and book a room at: Lan Nhi Hotel Da Nang

  2. Brilliant Majestic Villa Hotel

Address: 123, Ho Nghinh, Phuoc My, Da Nang
Price: from 490k / night
This is a 3-star hotel with affordable prices in Danang with full amenities, only 380m from Pham Van Dong beach, so you can fully walk to the beach from this hotel. According to Da Nang travel experience, cheap, you should book a room before the trip about 1 month to avoid the room.

=> More information and reservation at Brilliant Majestic Villa Hotel

 3. Night Sky Hotel Da Nang

Address: 65 Xuan Dieu, Hai Chau, Da Nang
Price: 364,000 / night for Superior double room (including breakfast) and 400,000 / night for Deluxe 2 beds (including breakfast)
Room here is very clean with friendly staff is the plus point of this hotel. It is located close to the city center but with the location near Son Tra peninsula and Pham Van Dong beach, this is also an address you can stop.

=> Booking and receive many privileges at Night Sky Hotel Da Nang

 4. Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel Danang

Address: 270 Vo Nguyen Giap, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Price: from 1tr5 / night
Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel is a luxury coastal hotel in Danang with a convenient location for the sea view and the enthusiastic service quality of the staff here, it deserves the choice when coming to Da Nang. calendar.

=> Details of photos, facilities and reservations at Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel Danang

That's just some suggestions about cheap, good quality hotels that dulichfun.com wants you to know. In addition, to find out more about other hotels in Danang, the rooms are beautiful and quality, you can see the whole list of Hotels in Danang with the evaluation, location and price of the day you come. .

Transportation in Danang
If you don't ride a motorbike to Da Nang, then a Da Nang exploration experience is to hire yourself a motorbike to travel around the city. Car rental prices here range from 100,000 to 150,000 / day depending on where you rent and the type of car you rent. In fact, you can take a taxi, but you won't be as active as a motorbike driver. You should only take a taxi when you get off an airplane, bus or train to transport your luggage more easily.

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Beautiful and famous tourist destinations in Da Nang
Worry about where to sleep, then it is time for your travel. According to the latest Da Nang travel experience, if you do not have much time, you must go to places like Son Tra Peninsula - Ba Na - Marble Mountains - Hoi An. Here is a collection of popular tourist areas, so when it comes to Da Nang tourism:

 1. Ba Na Hill - Road to the fairy scene

Ba Na Hill is a tourist area located on Ba Na mountain in An Son village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. Every year, millions of visitors from all over the place visit and travel. With a unique tourist resort complex, the amusement park has a lot of fun adventure games, Ba Na Hill is always the destination of tour groups. The fare for cable car for adults over 1m4 is 750,000 and 600,000 for children from 1m-1m4, children under 1m are free of charge.

2. My Khe beach - The precious jewel of Da Nang

My Khe beach is the next place that dulichfun wants to add to the Da Nang tourism experience for you. My Khe beach was voted in the top 6 most charming beaches in the world by American Forbes magazine and ranked among top 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia. The main attraction for tourists to this place is the clear blue water and the white sandy beach and the gentle sun favorable for swimming.

3. Discover the unique bridges of Da Nang

Da Nang is famous not only for its beautiful beaches and famous amusement parks but also for its beautiful sparkling bridges. The bridges that are interested in are the Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Rong Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge and Nguyen Van Troi Bridge. Each bridge has a unique feature but at night, all 5 bridges become brightly illuminated the whole city.

4. Danang Asian Park - a fun place for the whole family

This is an amusement park with a scale of 880m2 and ranks among the most beautiful parks in Southeast Asia. Here, you will be immersed in the colorful world of 4 amusement parks: amusement park, Sun Wheel, cultural park, and food court. Try adventure with thrilling games here when you come.

5. Cu Lao Cham - A very interesting tourist destination when visiting Da Nang

Cu Lao Cham is about 15 km from Cua Dai Beach, this place consists of 8 islands: Hon Lao, Long, Mo, Kho Mom, Kho Con, La, Tai and Ong. This is the place to help all tourists enjoy the peaceful, untouched and close beauty of nature. Here visitors can visit the outstanding tourism such as ancient Cham wells, Hai Tang pagoda, Tan Hiep market, ancestral nest temple ... especially diving activities to watch corals.

*** Small tip: If you want to participate in coral watching activities at Cu Lao Cham, please contact Seatrek Vietnam Company with the address at 160A Nguyen Duy Hieu, Hoi An with Hotline: 0905 958 528.

Seatrek Vietnam is the only company hosting the Seatrek Tour in Cu Lao Cham. With outstanding advantages many tourists appreciate:

Sea Trek equipment system imported from the US helps visitors explore the seabed at a depth of 4m.
There are always safe guides (imitators) who are trained under the standards of the Sea -Trek US according to the tourists during the tour.
Tour is suitable for all travelers aged 8-80 years even if you don't know how to swim / dive.
You will be able to fully explore Cu Cham through admiring coral, colorful fish and unique experience when hand feeding fish while at the bottom of the sea.
In addition, there are many other tourist attractions in Da Nang that you can visit such as: Son Tra Peninsula, Museum of Cham Pa sculpture, Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall ski resort, hot mineral springs area Shen Tai, Hai Van Pass, Nam O Reef ...

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The best, famous restaurants in Danang that you should visit
 1. Bun cha fish number 109, Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Hai Chau district: this family-owned fish ball noodle restaurant is open from 6 am to 22 pm with the price of 20,000 for normal rice vermicelli and 25,000 for bun cha fish special

 2. Salty baby seafood: if you like to eat fresh seafood cooked delicious but affordable price, then go to baby salted seafood to enjoy. Baby Salted Restaurant is located in Lot 14 Hoang Sa, Son Tra District and near the sea so it is very crowded.

 3. Quang noodles: Quang noodle shop at 1A Hai Phong, Hai Chau district attracts a lot of visitors to eat and drink every day. The price for each bowl of Quang noodles is 20,000 - 30,000, this is the familiar eating address of Da Nang people that you should try.

 4. Rieu vermicelli shop 39 Le Hong Phong: vermicelli here is voted as one of the most attractive breakfast places of Da Nang people. Each bowl of vermicelli served with the sweet aroma, just enough to eat and the enthusiastic service attitude of the owner made up the name of this restaurant.

In addition, you can ask more opinions of the local people here other famous restaurants and then share them back so that we can improve the content of this travel secret article.

Where to buy gifts from Da Nang?
After a long journey with Da Nang's discovery days, you should visit the Han market, Con market to buy confectionery and souvenirs. If you want to buy more seafood, then go to the seafood market in Thanh Khe Dong ward or Dong Da market. If you are lazy, you can buy everything in the Korean market as well because the Korean market has everything for you to buy as a gift.

Some other Da Nang tourist information:

Address eating delicious and cheap seafood in Da Nang
Where to buy seafood from Da Nang?
Those are the most detailed Da Nang travel experiences that dulichfun provides for you. To know more, you must come here to experience the most famous tourist city in the country. We are looking forward to receiving your contributions to our self-sufficient guide to Da Nang tourism, which will be more and more useful.