Attention when visiting Dalat Coc Tinh when officially put into operation

Not to be outdone in Ninh Binh and Hai Phong because these two places have a very nice cup. Da Lat also found out for me. A new Dalat cup of love in the land of thousands of flowers that anyone comes here. Must also admire praise never stop. This place is an emerging tourist destination in Dalat. In recent times, the cup in Da Lat has been great. Making rain prices on social networking sites.

This is called the virtual living place for young people. One of the top 20 tourist destinations attracts the most tourists in 2018. Visitors still have to wait for anything without carrying their backpack and go.

The cup of Dalat is one of the spontaneous tourist destinations in Da Lat. Since this place has emerged, the number of tourists visiting Da Lat has increased. Da Lat is more and more beautiful in the eyes of tourists. Not just a Dalat with all kinds of flowers. At present, Da Lat has many famous eco-tourism areas.

These tourist destinations annually bring to Da Lat. A large number of domestic and foreign tourists come here to visit. The cup is one of the hottest places today.

What is the great cup of Da Lat?
Great love cup is a small lake with beautiful blue jade water. In the past, this place was a quarry but was now abandoned. Here visitors spoiled their souls into beautiful natural landscapes. Hunt for yourself the best photos here. This place can be said to be a virtual living place for you.

Swing the bird's nest at the magnificent cup of Dalat
In recent days, Da Lat's great cup of Da Lat has produced an extremely virtual living corner. That is the bird's nest swing. This virtual live corner is storming the current social networking sites. Just go here to take a picture of the sodeep auto image.

Heart of lost love
This is also the virtual corner of life at this great cup just here. Only a heart floating in the lake made the hearts of the tourists near and far away.

Where is the cup of Da Lat love?
Great love cup is a spontaneous tourist destination in Da Lat. This tourist destination is located in Lac Duong district, Da Lat. Located on the direction of the quaint village of Dalat.

Great love cup opening hours
Because this is a spontaneous tourist destination in Da Lat city. There is currently no management of any authority. So when visitors come here to take photos. Guests are not too worried about the opening time of the cup.

Wonderful ticket price of Da Lat cup
We apologize to you one thing. The location of the Da Lat Cup party is absolutely free. So if you come here to visit, please feel secure.

Explanation of Da Lat cup of love
Wonderful Love Cup in Dalat is better than other places "Wonderful Love Coc" in Da Lat. In essence, a stone quarry was originally planned. But it has been abandoned for quite a long time, after a long time of not exploiting. Should be accreted by rain and groundwater flows out. Create a beautiful and glittering jade green color.

But to get here, it is necessary. Overcoming a difficult and difficult road. Very suitable for young people who love to explore and like to explore new things. Especially the friends of the ruffians. Although it is difficult, but when it is here, it is really not a waste of effort.

The road to the wonderful cup of Da Lat
There are many tourists still wondering about the way to the great cup of Da Lat. So today we wrote this article. In order to review and guide the way to the great situation of Da Lat. So visitors can easily find the cup.

We have a map design to the Cu Lao Da Cu village. Visitors can refer to the map to the village hard times. After arriving here, visitors asked the locals to go to the streets of the Great Love cup. The people here will easily guide you more. Or visitors can refer to the path guide below.

The beauty of Dalat Cup Love
The beautiful scenery here will repay you for those difficulties. The cup of love is hidden here, which makes the heart become enraptured and passionate. Like a fairyland place. With pristine forests, colorful cliffs. Lake water jade green. The lake here is very clean, so when you come here, you should keep the overall hygiene. And protect the natural beauty bestowed.

See now the 30-year-old breathless paper flower blooming by the wooden house here

The note when coming to Da Lat cup of love
When Arriving at the Cup of Da Lat, please choose the powerful and easy-going cars.
Fully prepare all kinds of food and water, commonly used medical equipment.
Do not take a bath here because the lake is very late. The cliffs here are very pointed and protruding.
Be careful not to run and play. Because it is dangerous to fall and fall.
Do not litter, maintain general hygiene.
must go in groups and go east when coming here.

Address of the absolute cup of Da Lat
The cup of Dalat is located on the outskirts of Dalat city. Great Love Coc Was Located In Lac Duong district. About 50 km from the center of Dalat city. Follow the road to the golden stream and Cu Lan village.

Google maps the magnificent cup of Da Lat
Below is a map of Da Lat's cup of love. Visitors can refer to the map below to reach the cup of Da Lat. Hopefully this map can be helpful for visitors. This is the route map from Da Lat market to the magnificent cup of Da Lat.

How to go to the magnificent cup of Da Lat
Below we have guided the detailed route to the magnificent Dalat cup. Visitors can refer to the image below. Along with the instructions we have shown below. On the way to visitors to the magnificent cup.

Guide the way to the magnificent cup of Da Lat
You go along the road to the Golden Stream and the Cu Lu Village Tourism. When arriving at the gate of Cu Cu Village Resort. Please follow about 400 meters, then turn left. This road is rocky and very steep. So you go carefully, then go cheap on the dirt road. Going for another 4 km. Go there and ask people to go to Bay Tai quarry.

The people there will show you and find a better way. Because there are many paths in this place where you will be able to stray. Please note that when you come here, you should have food and water. Because there is no restaurant or a grocery store here.

Review of the Da Lat cup
Here are the reviews of the guests who went to the magnificent Dalat cup. Visitors can refer to the image below that we offer. Or visitors can refer to other reviews on google.

Tourist sites near the magnificent Dalat Cup
If visitors visit the pictures of the cup of Da Lat love. Guests can choose to visit nearby tourist attractions. To not take too much time to move. But visitors still visit many tourist destinations in Da Lat.

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